Who we are

The National Company has its roots since 1981 at the Technical training. Jubair Group wanted their members to embrace the electronic technologies that were emerging and since government and academia seemed unable to meet the challenge a more radical solution was proposed: an engineering skills training with a no-expenses-spared approach to training so that the delegates would learn useful, practical, up-to-the-minute skills and knowledge that would help them in their daily work. Throughout mergers with other Firms of Jubair group (ANWAR SUMER, NOOR ARRAFIDAIN and AXELOR) over the years this single premise has been our guiding light. We maintained our determination to ensure that the training that we provide is
practical and interesting engineering skills taught by experts in their fields, leading to the legally competent performance of these skills in the workplace. In recent years the training took on its own identity (earned over the years), and became a separate business to the union – a private company with four partners continuing the tradition of providing no-nonsense engineering skills training aimed at blue-chip companies throughout Iraq & Middle East.

Our partners are : NEPCO, ARIVA, EDF, APP, MWH and an electronics engineers with multi-disciplinary experience drawn from years of working in the research and commercial sectors in addition to many other partners in civil Engineering ,universities and services suppliers.

Our employees are our most important assets. Their talents in dealing with our customers, teaching the courses, coordinating the complex training assignments that we are given, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and striving for constant improvement are essential ingredients in the continuing aim for perfection.

What we do

We set out to teach top-quality engineering skills training courses and we have achieved this – we constantly strive to make them as good as it’s possible to – but over the years we have also refined our methods, adding several enhancements to the construction stages of course description, design of the courses, assessment, certification and consolidation stages. We believe that these are important to our customers : it’s easy to see what the courses consist of, what value they will gain from attending them and how they can apply their candidates’ new knowledge and skills in their workplace in a structured, evidence-rich way.

Our engineering skills training courses have clearly-stated objectives. These are either skills-based or knowledge based, as appropriate. Each course has an intended target audience and is taught using methods best suited to that subject. As an example, our electrical maintenance skills course is described as shown.

Each course description answers these questions :

  • What is the course about?   Who is the course aimed at ?
  • Is the course suitable for on-site consolidation ?
  • How is the course presented ?
  • What are the course objectives ?
  • What do the candidates get at the end of the course?

This clarity helps managers and candidates to see exactly what the courses are about, who should attend them and what they can expect to gain from them.