Detailed Course Programs

Each course has a detailed program which specifies exactly what will be taught during each ‘session’ of the day – this clarifies what the courses will actually cover on a day-today basis, so that candidates attending the courses and managers booking the courses know that their time will be well-spent.

Over many years of presenting these detailed programs to companies we have been able to refine and streamline the standard courses so that any subject areas that employers commonly-held as irrelevant or unnecessary have been removed and any ‘missing’ outcomes have been added. The content of our standard courses are therefore the product of the input from hundreds of different employers around the British Isles, as they have all had an input to them. As a result, we see these as industry standard training courses, as they have not been developed by academic institutes or government funded agencies, but instead are the directly-requested response to the requirements of major employers around Iraq & Middle East.

Customized courses

The availability of detailed programs for each of the courses also makes it easier for them to be customized. Companies are able to pick and choose the learning outcomes that best suit their businesses and add extra learning outcomes that our standard courses did not contain. For example, some employers like us to add: detailed coverage of pH, turbidity or density measurements to the instrumentation course; termination of SWA cable or maintenance of emergency light systems to the electrical maintenance skills course; or the use of particular hand tools to the basic engineering skills for operators course.